Picking the Right QuickBooks Version

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Technology

Deciding which QuickBooks version is a best fit for your business can be a challenge. There are quite a few offerings to meet the needs of a variety of business models and industries. This articleprovides a brief description of each QuickBooks version highlighting some of their distinguishing features in the hope of helping you determine which one best suits your needs and business. 

There are two general QuickBooks software formats: QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. The biggest difference between the two formats is QuickBooks Desktop is located on your computer’s hard drive while QuickBooks Online is cloud-based and located on QuickBooks’ servers and accessed through your browser. 

QuickBooks Desktop has the following versions (in order from simplest tomore complex): 

  • QB Pro Plus 
  • QB Premier Plus 
  • QB Enterprise 
  • QB Point of Sale (must be accompanied with another desktop version) 

 QuickBooks Online has the following versions (in order from simplest to heftiest): 

  • Simple Start 
  • Essentials 
  • Plus 
  • Advanced 

There are different features and functionality to both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online formats. Below are a few to consider: 

So, where do you start? Ask yourself the following as you to determine which product will work best for your business: 

  1. Are you service-based or product-based? If product-based, will you want an inventory tracking system? 
  2. How many users will need access to the system at the same time?  
  3. Do you need access to your records while working remotely? 
  4. How will you be invoicing your customers or clients? 
  5. Do you need to give access to an outside accountant or CPA? 

Please contact us if you have questions about choosing a version of QuickBooks accounting software. We have an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor on staff at Weinstein Spira and would love to help.  

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