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Real Estate Tax and Accounting in Houston

If you have invested in or manage real estate, Weinstein Spira understands your opportunities and burdens. Whether you need help in entity choice, debt financing, cash flow analysis or transaction analysis, we have the expertise for you.

Our clients include developers of raw land, retail and industrial property owners, hospitality properties, multi-family properties, and other real estate investors. We can provide assistance with your choice of business entity and related structuring, tax planning and tax basis or GAAP basis financial statements.

We also consult on asset recovery methods and opportunities, financing and debt restructuring. Our team conducts efficient audits, reviews and compilations for real estate financial statements with consistent knowledge applied year to year. After more than 60 years serving clients in the Houston community, Weinstein Spira has built a significant network of relationships and resources that can support your real estate development and investment goals.

Talk to Kristin Murray, Managing Shareholder or Brian Franklin, Audit Shareholder about your real estate ventures and how we can help you.

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The Weinstein Spira team has become my eyes and ears on the ground with our operations outside of Houston. Staff likes them and they just make my life easier. I understand them, and most importantly they understand me.


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