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Weinstein Spira offers a full suite of tax, compliance and business advisory consulting to clients who sell their knowledge.

Our professional service clients range from engineers to healthcare service providers, from real estate agencies to attorneys and doctors. Entity choice can be a significant issue to your business. We advise extensively on the pros and cons of various entity types. We review your entire organization from not only a tax standpoint, but also areas that support business value and growth. Whether you are an owner or executive who is hands-on with the operational side of the business or you prefer to delegate that responsibility to advisors, we structure the advisory relationship to ensure every detail is handled proactively. And we’ll stick with you through growth and transition in your career as well as your business.

Our services include preparing individual tax returns, providing high-level consultation on debt restructuring and deferred compensation, or planning for succession or acquisition. At Weinstein Spira, you will find advisors who match your way of doing business — and your personal style.

Talk to Kristin Murray, Managing Shareholder or Trina Painter, Audit Shareholder about how we can support your professional growth now and in your stage of life.

Industries We Serve

People in professional services understand good client service. We appreciate that expectation and deliver the highest level of services to them.

Kristin Murray

Managing Shareholder

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