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Accounting is our industry; our culture is why people stay here for years.

Work-life balance is a reality at Weinstein Spira

While work-life balance is a common recruiting tagline, we at Weinstein Spira practice what we preach. We recognize the importance of fostering a life outside of work and support our employees in this pursuit. With hour requirements a rarity, a flexible schedule policy and our time-bank system, team members are enabled to create a work-life balance that is tailored to their own situation. What do you need in order to be the best professional you can be? That’s the balance we aim to achieve.

You will work alongside the industry’s most talented professionals, regardless of rank

Our mid-sized position not only means access to top managers and shareholders through our welcoming (and real) open-door policy, but you are also encouraged to lean on them for guidance and assistance with technical matters. You will also have direct access to leadership within our clients’ organizations, a major benefit to professional growth that is not always feasible in larger firms. By taking some ownership on engagements early in your career, you will get to manage team members at a faster pace.

Our employee perks are benefits employees actually want
  • Flexible work schedules – Core hours from (9AM-3PM) enables us to effectively collaborate while still allowing employees to work the schedule that best suits their day.
  • Ways to earn more paid time off- Working over 40 hours a week? We will put those overtime hours into your time bank which can be used for more time off in addition to your regular PTO.
  • Telecommuting options – They don’t just exist; they work well for many of our team members.
  • Free parking- All the time. Attached to our office building.   
  • Fun Brigade– Internal team dedicated to putting on fun events and activities on a regular basis.
  • Softball team – Anyone can join! Our focus is on fun.
  • Dress for your day – Our dress code matches our attitudes—real people who care more about how we interact than what we’re wearing.
  • Firm-backed volunteer opportunities – We encourage our employees to give back, provide opportunities and allow them to charge volunteer hours to the firm.
  • Open door policy (yes, even shareholders) – We are all on the same team and we act like it.
  • Rotation program – Leverage actual experience across both the tax and audit sides to make your career decisions.
To explore your career options at Weinstein Spira, contact our Human Resources Director, Elizabeth Harkness and visit our Career Opportunities page.

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