High Net Worth Individuals

High Net Worth Accountants

Weinstein Spira has become a valued and discreet advisor to many individuals who have created wealth. We meet with our clients throughout the year to consult with them on tax requirements and updates, planning sessions for tax minimization, discussions on estate planning and overall review of various aspects of their financial situation.

Some of our clients initially come to us as business owners in a variety of industries. They choose us for tax-efficient suggestions and consulting, audit and attest services or general business advice. As their businesses grow, the owners and executives of those companies also choose Weinstein Spira for individual services because they trust our knowledge, appreciate our loyalty, and value our responsiveness.

Our high net worth accounting services include:

  • Estate planning
  • Family office services
  • Personal tax consulting
  • Business transitions
  • Wealth transfer options
  • Income tax planning

When choosing Weinstein Spira, our high-net-worth clients gain a confidential and comprehensive approach built from the trust of many clients who retain our team even after a business sale or transition — often referring family and colleagues.

To experience a comprehensive approach to tax minimization and wealth preservation, contact Tax Shareholder Homer Carrillo.

Services We Offer

“If you want the same people working on your taxes year after year, and personal attention, go to Weinstein. They help us sleep well, knowing every number is accounted for.”

Monica Benton

COO, Pacific Strategic Investors Corp.

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