Auto Dealerships

Accounting for Auto Dealerships in Texas

Auto dealerships in Texas have worked with Weinstein Spira on structuring ownership of various independent franchises under a consolidated business entity, on tax minimization and tax planning, uniform capitalization and the LIFO method of accounting for inventory.

We understand the world of dealerships, just as we understand the value to you of planning ahead.

You can count on our team to conduct audits efficiently and provide you with a comprehensive management letter that addresses items such as accounting systems improvements, internal controls and other matters. We also advise you on succession planning and wealth transfer.

You will gain a deep consulting relationship with professionals who can address tax ramifications of various transactions that typically arise in the auto dealership business. We will also handle IRS examinations successfully and eliminate surprises. We will help you ensure a successful business legacy long after you retire.

If you want to know what’s trending in the auto dealership industry in Texas contact John Toth, Tax Shareholder, or Andy Dube, Audit Shareholder.

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Weinstein Spira’s team devised a model that would help us minimize the effects of the franchise tax back when it was a significant issue for our company.

Mike Gross

CFO, Helfman Dodge

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