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Houston Family Office Accounting

If you appreciate the benefits of clear financial information and personal freedom, turn to Weinstein Spira as a steward of your financial success. We provide family office services in Houston in a seamless and discreet manner that allows you to focus on other pursuits.

Choose from a variety of valuable family office services, including:

  • Tax planning and related cash flow analysis
  • General accounting and bill paying assistance
  • Personal financial statement preparation
  • Accounting assistance for various entities typically found in complex family wealth structures
  • Post-mortem estate administration and reporting

Weinstein Spira’s Houston family office accounting services keep your financial life organized and coordinated so your tax reporting and investment decisions are easier. Some of our clients even rely on us to be the logistical guide for a surviving spouse and other family members so that representation and final decisions on the estate are handled efficiently.

If you feel you may be a candidate for these services, please call us to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about our relationships and approach to these services contact Homer Carrillo, Tax Shareholder.

Services We Offer

Our family office clients prefer a professional approach to the management of their finances either because the task is quite complex due to their level of wealth, or because they would rather invest their time and energy in business and philanthropic pursuits.

Homer Carrillo

Tax Shareholder

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