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CPAs for Venture Funds

Weinstein Spira understands the unique nature of venture funds and complex equity instruments regarding tax issues, compliance and investor goals. We have worked with numerous funds over the years to assist with tax minimization and allocation of income.

We consult on fund administration and calculation of fair market values and deferrals — helping you manage fund partner expectations. If partners leave or join a fund, we can answer questions regarding those transactions and recommend tax-smart solutions.

For individuals who manage family wealth based on private equity investments and other vehicles, Weinstein Spira also offers estate planning and family office services to help plan ahead for capital gains or wealth transfer.

For more information on ways that Weinstein Spira tailors our services to venture fund clients, contact Lisa Rogers, Tax Shareholder or Brian Franklin, Audit Shareholder.

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We are comfortable in our tax position because of Weinstein’s approach to risk. After ten years for as complicated as everything is — from taxes to estate matters — they’ve always had the answer with nothing lost in the shuffle. They make it seem so easy, and I know it’s not.

Monica Benton

COO, Pacific Strategic Investors Corp.

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