Oil Field Services

Accounting for Oil Field Services Industry

If you provide services to the oil and gas industry — in Houston or around the world — Weinstein Spira understands the tax and financing challenges you face. We can help you monitor cash flow and align it with your strategic plan.

Whether you are drilling operators, engineers or you provide services to reduce corrosion or improve safety, our oil field services team reviews the structure of your business, your customer arrangements, internal processes and controls, compensation and benefits, debt and asset management to support timely decisions and improved business value.

We work with closely held owners, private equity, U.S.-based entities and subsidiaries of foreign parents. Our affiliation with AGN International provides resources and expertise to guide you wherever your people perform their work. When you are in growth mode through M&A or when you are ready to transition the business, our firm has the knowledge to guide you for the most profitable and tax-efficient outcomes.

Talk to Brian Franklin, Audit Shareholder or Karl Wolpert, Tax Shareholder to learn more about Weinstein Spira’s experience with oil field services.

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Our oil field services clients rely on us for sophisticated transactions with private equity partners as well as optimum ways to structure their business for tax and debt management purposes.

Brian Franklin

Audit Shareholder

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