Accounting services for Distributors

With experience advising multi-state and international distribution companies, Weinstein Spira has the industry knowledge to support assurance and tax compliance requirements of privately held companies.

One of our primary strengths is helping you analyze whether accounting controls are optimized in each of your locations. We also offer resources through AGN International to provide tax and assurance advice to the separate multi-state locations, as well as locations outside the United States. We coordinate with members of AGN to ensure tax structure and compliance reporting results in tax minimization. We provide support on reporting, for example, coordinating with other CPA firms in the U.S. and abroad to present the final numbers consistently and accurately — to the parent as well as investors and lenders. Through applying our industry knowledge and providing our assurance and tax services, we can help identify potential areas for improvements in accounting controls to increase accuracy of your internal reporting.

With so much riding on timely reporting, you need a knowledgeable advisor in your corner who can proactively advise you on changing tax laws to assist you in your business decisions. Weinstein Spira helps you focus on your business with confidence. We are also prepared to assist you in planning a successful exit strategy, when timing and conditions are right.

Talk to Lisa Rogers, Tax Shareholder, or Andy Dube, Audit Shareholder, about the many services available to distributors at Weinstein Spira.

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The tax group works very closely with management and with the assurance group, if applicable, to ensure our clients receive the most timely and tax efficient advice possible.

Lisa Rogers

Tax Shareholder

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