Accounting for Manufacturing

Most Houston CPA firms can advise you on opportunities for credits and deductions. But, accounting for manufacturing should go beyond the basics.

Whether family-owned or financed through private equity, manufacturers are not only focused on efficiency and tax minimization, but also need a solid strategic plan for eventual sale or transfer of the business. If you have a distribution component to your operations, our manufacturing team has you covered as well. We review your asset management, site-by-site internal controls, inventory costing methodologies, compensation and benefits, vendor agreements, multi-state tax compliance and issues surrounding real estate and facilities.

Our Houston CPAs also support the individual needs of owners and executives to make sure that the ongoing business value will support their personal financial goals.

No matter how large or small you are or where you are located, Weinstein Spira can support your needs with experienced CPAs and consultants. Our affiliation with AGN International, a global alliance of independent accounting firms and consultants, also provides resources to you around the globe.

Talk to Brian Franklin, Audit Shareholder or Lisa Rogers, Tax Shareholder to learn more about our approach to manufacturing relationships.

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There is a premium on timeliness and delivery. When any day or lost time is worth millions to our clients, urgency is so important.

Brian Franklin

Audit Shareholder

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