Are Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAAS) For You?

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Audit, Tax

Accounting also personally referred to me once as “the necessary evil”, has a rough reputation.  Pocket protectors, ten keys, panty hose, and even maybe an abacus is what people imagine when they think of my profession. Although, not entirely inaccurate, I believe the world will always need accountants. Accountants partner with businesses to assess the health of an organization and provide insight into areas of weakness or opportunity. They use data to analyze trends and surface areas of vulnerability. Having a good accounting partner is like BBQ sauce on brisket, it’s a game changer. In this blog, I will explain client accounting and advisory services (CAAS), the benefits of utilizing a CPA firm for these services and how the process works.

What is CAAS?

As a CPA firm in the Houston area for over 60 years, Weinstein Spira is excited to announce that we have expanded our service offerings to include client accounting and advisory services (CAAS). There are many ways that CAAS can assist with your accounting needs. We offer an array of traditional bookkeeping services including bill pay, invoicing, payroll processing, and 1099 filings in addition to financial reporting, budgeting, QuickBooks consulting and more. Specifically, we specialize in consulting with accounting departments and their leaders on streamlining monthly processes, tightening internal controls, providing real time data and analytics on business health, and providing guidance on financial matters.

Why a CPA Firm is a Better Alternative for Your Accounting Needs?

The cost of hiring, training and retaining talent is on the rise. By utilizing a CPA firm for your accounting and advisory needs, you will be able to count on consistent and trained resources. Our personnel are trained on key technologies and have relevant professional education topics top of mind. The infrastructure of tools, technology, and skills to manage books are inherently available within a public accounting  CPA firm . These resources can be at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

For new and growing companies, the minutia of creating a QuickBooks company, chart of accounts and setting up an efficient close cycle may not be top of mind, but this foundation is crucial to measure profitability and enable growth. A CPA firm is staffed with professionals at varying levels which can be deployed based on your specific needs. You will not need to carry the labor cost of hiring internal accountants at different levels or bear the burden of training and re-training because of attrition.

Interested in learning more about our CAAS services? Learn More!

How we Service Clients? How Does it Work?             

Because each business is unique, we always start with a personalized meeting where we can get to know and understand your business. We will meet with you, assess your needs, and pain points and come back to you with a customized solution for your businesses’ accounting needs. The main advantage to this service is your ability to leverage our technology. After vetting various vendors in the market, we have selected crucial technologies to streamline tasks. The syncs between these applications allow making the most of our technology stack. As a result, we can serve clients with QuickBooks as their accounting solution. By leveraging technology, we eliminate paper, increase efficiency and simplify a cumbersome close cycle.

Our desire is to partner with you and be a business resource to help you navigate the road ahead. At Weinstein Spira, we strive to build and deepen relationships with our clients. Our team of professionals come with decades of experience in accounting and are positioned with the foundational knowledge to support your needs. By utilizing CAAS, you are left with more time and resources to be strategic and grow your company. These services enable data driven insights for better decision making for our clients.

As a certified bean counter, I believe a smoothly operating back office as well as a trusted advisor is key in gaining clarity for the road ahead. I won’t go as far as saying, accountants make the world a better place, but the reality is, we all could be better with a good accountant. Contact me, Shirley Thomas, for any questions or for a consult to decide if CAAS can be beneficial for you and your company.

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