Why Team Development is a Career Game Changer

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Culture, HR & Recruiting, Career

We all know career growth and development is a top factor in employee job satisfaction, so we at Weinstein Spira aim to empower our team members to keep learning, not just as interns but well after they finish their degree. Here are some of the development opportunities we provide our employees:

Our Rotation Program.

Like many young professionals, accounting students are tasked with picking a career without a clear understanding about what it is they are actually getting themselves into. Here at Weinstein Spira, we recognize that difficult decision and aim to eliminate some of the “what ifs” for them ahead of time.

To do this, we provide all of our interns and first-year hires the opportunity to participate in our rotational program. This means they spend fifty percent of their time (5 weeks for interns, 6 months for full-time hires) in tax and fifty percent of their time in audit. They are not guessing which side they enjoy more; they choose the career path that is the best fit based on their hands-on, real-time experience they have with the work, the team and the work environment.

Our Coaching Relationships.

Every team member is assigned a coach (a manager or shareholder) from day one at the firm. Our coaches help guide staff through the early days of their career all the way up to shareholder advancement. Coaches at Weinstein Spira act as a source of development for our staff, providing personalized feedback and helping each employee become more efficient and proficient as an accountant and business person.

Coaches help set the tone for the firm of the future and meeting new staff’s expectations that they can and should be connected to leaders for meaningful development.

Our Block Training Program.

Ongoing training is an important aspect of our staff’s education, and we commit to this through annual block training sessions. Whether it’s presenting industry research or new legal information that pertains to accounting, we ensure that our entire team is informed of the latest news and trends involved in tax and audit. Without current information, we can’t do our jobs effectively. Our block training program takes two to four days (typically in December or January) out of every year to provide the information in-house that allows us to stay apprised of changes and allow for constant progression.

We pride ourselves on offering interns, first-year hires and more experienced team members, alike, the kind of guidance and knowledge transfer that lasts a lifetime. You get to learn from and be managed by individuals who want you to succeed, both personally and professionally, and that’s part of what our team members most admire about being a part of the Weinstein Spira family.

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