Weinstein Spira is one of the leading providers of auditing and consulting services to software development companies in the Houston area, and potentially the country. Our knowledge of GAAP for revenue recognition in this industry is sophisticated, as is our understanding of complex equity business structures. As investors look for new opportunities in technology, we know what is important to them in the financials — and how they can structure their contracts to achieve desired revenue recognition.

Because of this knowledge, our firm is often referred business through AGN International, an alliance of independent public accounting and consulting firms around the world. We have also supported entrepreneurs in the start-up phases of promising new technologies to help properly structure sales transactions and negotiate contracts. In fact, these relationships have continued with owners or executives even as they have sold and started new enterprises or moved on to lead new companies.

If you need accurate financial statements for mergers or acquisitions or an eventual public offering, Weinstein Spira can help. We can also help you identify resources to support your international expansion.

Contact Trina Painter, Audit Shareholder or Lisa Rodgers, Tax Shareholder to learn more about our deep experience with technology companies.

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