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Accounting Internships and

Graduate Opportunities

If you seek an internship:

Interns at Weinstein Spira hail from top-tier universities in Texas. We seek candidates who are looking for a true accounting firm experience — not pushing paper and running errands, but working directly with clients and learning from team members and shareholders. Our interns work on real assignments from day one, learning in the office and in the field. Most importantly, our internships are split between audit and tax, giving interns the unique opportunity to experience both disciplines.

Internships are open to MPA or PPA students who express a strong interest in pursuing a career as CPAs. Offers are typically made a year in advance. Internship applications should be submitted in the spring for internships that will take place the following year. A majority of our internships result in offers of full-time employment.

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If you are a recent graduate:
We are always open to considering top talent for entry-level positions. As a first-year accountant, you will have the opportunity to identify your preferred discipline by rotating through our tax and audit practices. Rotations typically last six months in each discipline, giving you the time to fully explore and choose your career path.

You will receive professional training in your field and be assigned a coach who will follow your professional progress and guide you to success. You will share an office with another professional with interests similar to yours and will have mentors, both formal and informal, to show you the ropes. Most importantly, you will work on real assignments right away and start developing the skills that will form the foundation of your public accounting career.

If you are a graduate with an MPA or PPA and a 3.50 minimum GPA, please submit your resume and experience the Weinstein Spira difference, where relationships count.