The Importance of a Holiday Shutdown

Dec 13, 2022

By: Elizabeth Harkness


A holiday shutdown is when a business closes shop during a holiday and for a specified period—employees do not work, and business operations cease. Holiday closures during the last week of the year, a time where many businesses close for Christmas and the New Year, are the most popular, but you can do a shutdown anytime there is a major holiday.

While extended holiday closures may not work for all businesses, there are several reasons why they can be beneficial.

Boost Morale

Even if you love your job, everyone knows the importance of recharging.  By taking a mandatory break from work, you can boost you and your employees’ morale. But, what about all of that lost time? It is a well-accepted fact that happy employees have better engagement and productivity. So, by pausing operations and providing a break for your employees, you are increasing employee efficiency.  Giving people extended time off is also a great perk and recruiting tool, which is why over a third of organizations in the U.S. already do it. 

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Lower Overhead

Pausing operations means you won’t have to pay to keep the lights on and the heat running or have the operational staff show up to keep the business going. During closures you can help balance out any potentially lost revenue by not incurring certain expenses. For some employers, holidays are typically lower revenue production periods and thus, they are naturally good times to take a break.  Employees will be grateful that they are spending time with their friends and family rather than being in the office with minimal work responsibilities. 

Culture of Self-Care 

By closing operations for an extended time, employers help to dispel the myth that we are supposed to work extraordinarily hard and without breaks, if we want to achieve our career goals. Taking time off is vital to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Closing for an extended period demonstrates that you can work hard but that you also need to take time to leave it all behind.  Demonstrating this level of commitment to wellness creates a culture of self-care and shows your employees that it is okay to take time off to reset and recharge.

Holidays, especially the time around the end of the year, are traditionally slower for many businesses, including Weinstein Spira.  Holiday closures can also be done throughout the year. Many businesses have realized the benefits of closing the office, including boosting morale, lower overhead, and a culture of self-care. As you plan for the next year, consider a holiday closure for your business, your employees and yourself.

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