6 Ways to Find Success When Working from Home

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Culture, Covid-19

If you have never worked from home for an extended period of time, this pandemic-induced new schedule may be a shock to you and your family. Have you settled into your “new normal”? How is your family adjusting? As a Weinstein Spira virtual team member, I spend most of my days working in my home office located in North Carolina. In this post, I am sharing a few tips that keep me on track, happy and healthy while being a remote worker.

1. Communicate Often

Managing a team? Schedule morning check-ins with your staff.  These short meetings are great to confirm that your team is focused on the most important items and that they are all aligned. If you are communicating upward, confirm the areas that need the most attention.

2. Create a Weekly To-Do List

Create a to-do list each Monday for the week and take time to prioritize your tasks. Share your priorities with your teams, so everyone understands what is on your plate. You can redirect your priorities if something else is more urgent. In addition, you can keep a “done” list where you keep track of everything you have accomplished for the week.

3. Keep a Schedule

Each Sunday, plan out your work/life schedule. Don’t wing it! What time is lunch? What are you having for dinner? What is your physical activity for the day?

If I want to work out at lunch time, I plan to work an extra 30 minutes in the morning or evening. That way, I do not feel pressure to skip my workout all together.

Also, I shower and get dressed before work most days. It may seem silly, but these activities mentally prepare me to go to work.

4. Close Your Door

Help your family understand that when the office door is closed, you are at work. This is a hard one, but it really helps to give structure and boundaries for your new work arrangement.

5. Talk It Out

Try not use chat for long conversations. Call or video meet to discuss issues that are more than a sentence or two of dialog. Not only does it foster connection during isolation, it helps you get informed about other things that are happening in your firm.

6. Move Your Body

Get up and move throughout the day. I use my Fitbit to remind me to get a few steps in. I also make time to go outside at least once a day to get fresh air and sunshine. It can boost your mood and productivity throughout the day.

You may have been thrown into working from home abruptly and it will take a while to get adjusted. You will find your groove. Keep knocking off those tasks on your to-do list and connecting virtually when you can. You’ve got this!

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