Why College Campus Recruiting is Important

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Culture, HR & Recruiting, Career

Recruiting on college campuses is one of the best ways a firm can discover potential interns and staff early in their careers, as well as help provide a path for young professionals to follow. Meeting students on different campuses offers recruiters an opportunity to review resumes, build relationships and showcase the brand of the firm through networking. While college recruitment is beneficial for the company itself, these events are equally vital to the success of students ready to begin their careers. Here are a few reasons why college recruitment is important to both students and employers.

Students Meet Potential Employers

Events like “Meet the Firms” hosted by college campuses, create a professional setting for students to network with potential employers. The interactions between numerous firms and their accounting students facilitated by these colleges gives students the chance to present their resumes to recruiters and to learn more about each firm’s culture and expectations. These conversations help students understand the recruiting process, the typical layout of internships, the path to full time employment, and general knowledge about different accounting firms and the accounting industry. Many students can discern the style of the firm that would be best suited to them by experiencing these events and cultivating relationships with the recruiters. The opportunity to meet with real employees is valuable to a student looking for genuine advice and guidance as they embark on their paths into the workforce.

Building Employer Brand

Participating in recruiting events gives firms an opportunity to increase their brand awareness. It is common for students to repeatedly hear information about the Big 4 firms or firms local to their area, so being present at these events allows small and mid-size firms to gain attention and build rapport with both students and faculty at each college. Additionally, attending campus recruiting events allows firms to market their standout qualities that will interest prospective candidates. As a company builds an attractive brand on campus, they are more likely to gain traction with eager college students. Many college students are looking for specific attributes in a workplace such as work-life balance, overtime expectations, CPA exam support programs, rotational internships, etc. Having conversations about the firm’s culture and values aids recruiters in locating talent that will be well-suited to the firm. Interns and new staff who find themselves in a workplace that aligns with their values and needs will often stay put longer which, in turn, adds value to the firm.

Initial Impressions Lead to Opportunities

Conversations held at these events often serve as a preliminary interview that is beneficial to both the recruiters and the students. Having the ability to review a resume and ask questions in a less formal scenario rather than in a sit-down interview allows recruiters to get a better feel for a potential intern or staff. Similarly, students are likely to feel more comfortable asking casual questions to get further insight into the firm itself and the accounting industry. After these events, recruiters can collaborate with each other, along with the hiring committee of the firm, to discuss candidates. These multiple perspectives can help firms find employees that are the best fit for them. In addition to finding current interns and staff, recruiters can meet younger students that may be potential candidates. These younger students have the benefit of building relationships with recruiters and continually learning about the firm at each event until it is their time to formally interview.

All in all, there are endless benefits to utilizing firm resources on recruitment opportunities. This blog only scratches the surface! It is important to remember that while campus recruiting is an opportunity to begin interviewing candidates, it is also their chance to interview the firm. These chances to build firm culture and brand, gain rapport with faculty and students and meet the future of the accounting industry are vital to both students and recruiters. Taking the time to invest in these students, is taking the time to invest in the firm!

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