How to Navigate a Blended Work Environment as a New Hire

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Culture

Traditionally, starting a new job has never been an easy undertaking. After COVID-19, many companies have transitioned to a hybrid working schedule, where employees are working both remotely and in-person. This change in dynamics makes it more difficult for new employees to make connections with team members and makes it harder to acclimate to the work environment and overall culture. As a current new hire, transitioning into a firm with a hybrid working environment, here are some of the ways that have helped me integrate into the workplace.

Make Connections Early

Introducing yourself to everyone within the firm is key when starting a new job. It is important to know who your coworkers and management staff are, as well as familiarizing yourself to them. If most of the team works remotely, you can schedule a “Coffee Chat” or “Introduction Meeting” online or in-person, to quickly introduce yourself and get to know the people that you are going to be working with. It is especially important to meet the management staff in order to get acquainted with their expectations while also communicating what you are hoping to bring to the team. Additionally, you should go into the office as much as possible and rotate desks so that you are able to meet everyone face-to-face and interact with new people weekly as they come into the office.

Join Firm Events & Outings

If there are any firm events, activities or social outings, it is important to participate in as many as you can. It is a great opportunity to network and connect with your new coworkers and to get to know them in a social, casual setting. Whether the event is in-person or online, it is still helpful in getting to know the team and the company culture. With organizations that have a hybrid work environment, they sometimes have a “Get to Know the New Hires” event where you can introduce yourself to the firm and provide them with fun facts about yourself so, that they get to know you on a more personal level. This in turn, will help you create connections and find coworkers that share similar interests as you.

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Practice Video Call Etiquette

With remote work environments, video calls and online meetings are not only common but also important to the overall communication within workplaces. Therefore, it is important that during every video call, your camera is turned on and you look and speak professionally. It can be easy to forget that you are in a work meeting when it is done from home, however, you want to always be presentable and engage with the team during every call. Your team has the same expectations for you during a remote meeting as they would if you were in person.

Dress to Impress

Whether you are in the office or working remotely, it is important to always dress with professionalism. First impressions are especially important when you are a new hire. Therefore, you want to make sure that you’re always presentable and wearing appropriate attire for the office, even if you are working remotely. Every employee is a reflection of their place of employment and an extension of the organization. Meaning, do not wear sweatpants, sneakers or a t-shirt to the office or when doing video calls, as you want to maintain your professionalism during working hours. This will not only show your new employer that you care but, that you take your new position and the company seriously and respectfully.

Although it can be challenging to start a new position, especially one that is mainly remote, there are many ways to help ease that transition. By going the extra step to introduce yourself and integrate with the team and culture, you will be set up for success in the long run.

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