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Weinstein Spira consults large and small businesses on taxes, inventory controls, auditing, structuring, and wealth transfer.

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Most small to medium-sized businesses aren’t aiming to be the next Bezos, Branson, or Elon Musk. But that doesn’t mean they can’t structure their assets, minimize their taxes, or prepare their financial future with the same skills and excellence.

Our team of Houston-based tax and finance specialists love helping those in business make thoughtful, pre-emptive financial decisions that maximize growth and value while minimizing taxes. We meet business owners, leveraging our knowledge and experience to help them reach their wealth and financial goals.

No matter your size, and whether you’re in business as an auto dealer, a manufacturer, or a local restaurant owner, we’re eager to help with:

Accounting and financial reviews

Structuring, exiting, and wealth transfer

Tax preparation

Financial consultation

Audits, reviews, and complications

Audits of employee benefit plans

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Cybersecurity Trends: What You Need To Know

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Strengthening Workplace Relationships Through Charitable Giving

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Tips For Staying Organized This Holiday Season

Tips For Staying Organized This Holiday Season

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