Take a Listen: Podcast Recommendations

Jul 05, 2018

By Katie Butler

As busy as we all are, it’s important to schedule some relaxation time to chill and de-stress. But, this doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym or doing yoga. It can take the form of exercising your mind, by listening to an interesting, informative podcast, while giving your eyes a break from reading or computer work. Whether you’re driving to work, walking the dog, or on a flight for business travel or personal vacation (and let’s face it, listening while working may also be your thing), you can learn something new anywhere, anytime by simply tuning in to one of the below-listed podcasts.

Not all blogs are created equal. Be assured that this is not just a random list. With a lot of people at Weinstein Spira asking about good podcasts to listen to, I decided to do a little crowdsourcing by polling members of the firm. The results represent a consensus around the top picks that are worth checking out. You’ll also notice that these varied topics—ranging from travel, history, crime, and even a little magic—are not all business-related, reminding us that we’re human, too!

Happy Listening!

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