Kelly Murphy


Accounting is both detail-oriented and strategic. Our clients want to know they are doing everything right, but they also want help foreseeing potential tax issues down the road.

Kelly Murphy is an adaptable, strategic-minded shareholder. She prides herself on being a long-range thinker as well as a process-oriented tactician. Kelly methodically lays out individualized steps for almost every client based on research and in-depth assessments, determining optimal routes to success no matter the issue. As a result, her clients feel at ease making informed decisions.

In addition to her role as a shareholder, Kelly has taken an active role in building and documenting the firm's internal processes. She is also actively involved in college recruiting and is a much-appreciated coach to several staff tax accountants.

Kelly was chosen as most outstanding student in accounting at St. Thomas University and entered the exciting world of professional accounting in 1998. She previously worked at Hopkins Alexander and has been with Weinstein Spira since 2008.

Kelly  enjoys spending time with her husband Oscar and their two sons, Oscar, Jr. and Shawn. Kelly is very involved in her sons' competitive gymnastics.

She also enjoys action-packed detective novels and occasionally cooks, with Oscar, Jr. and Shawn as her sous-chefs.


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants


  • BBA in Accounting from University of St. Thomas
  • Master's in Accounting from University of St. Thomas