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What’s in My Audit Bag?

Whitney considers a well-organized, well-thought-out audit bag to be a virtual lifeline while in the field. What's inside her bag? Let's find out!
By Whitney Land, Audit Supervisor After six years of working as an auditor, surviving just as many busy auditing seasons, I have learned how to work in a whole different world…

Home Sweet Desk: Workstation Essentials for Tax Accountants

Jessica, tax accountant, is giving you the grand tour of her home away from home this busy season - her desk! In this post, you will see the advantages of having fixed workstation and the ways you can customize it for your workday needs.
By Jessica Correll, Tax Accountant As a tax accountant, I virtually “live” in my office. It’s like a home away from home! Unlike field auditors, who sometimes work onsite at…