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Making Powerful Connections

Could you be better at making powerful connections? Learn how Trina continues to be a top networker here.
By Trina J. Painter Throughout my career in public accounting, I have been a big fan of networking and it paid off enormously in both my professional and personal life with…

The Importance of Being Involved in a Professional Organization

Is a professional organization worth your time? Katie, our marketing manager, shares her experience and how to get involved with the right group for you.
By Katie Butler Cohodes   As current international president of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) (2021-2022), I speak from direct experience, having worked my…

8 Ways to Become a Powerful Networker

What matters most when growing and maintaining your contacts? Trina is de-mystifying the topic of networking and providing tips on how to become a powerful networker.
By Trina Painter Networking is an important aspect of doing business in the accounting world, where personal, authentic relationships really do count. It does not have to…