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Day in the Life of a Tax Accountant

Busy season or not, the day of a tax accountant is always packed! On the blog, Parker is giving us a glimpse into his typical day at Weinstein Spira.
By Parker Brunson, Tax Accountant Working at Weinstein Spira as a tax accountant since September 2018, I can honestly say there’s always a lot happening on any given day,…

Day in the Life of an Audit Senior

There is never a dull moment as an audit senior! Today, Emily is giving us a glimpse into her packed day.
By Emily Gutierrez, Audit Senior There is really no “typical” day to speak of in my experience as an audit senior. I find that every day is different based on the season. My…

Tax by the Alphabet: A Simplified View of a Tax Accountant’s Busy Season

Ever wondered what exactly 'busy season' entails? Check out following A-Z definitions that will simplify and de-mystify what’s entailed with tax preparation, both behind the scenes and in full view of anyone who has ever filed a tax retu
By Erica Diaz, Tax Manager Tax season is hectic for everyone! But imagine how busy tax accountants must be during the months of February, March and April of every year.…