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How Entrepreneurs Thrive in the Technology Space

It is imperative for entrepreneurs in technology to have a healthy cash flow that supports revenue growth. What steps should you take to get there? Trina is sharing how certain practices can help with development and prosperity.
By Trina Painter, Shareholder Entrepreneurs are true leaders who actively help move new technologies to market, serving a valuable role in our economy and the overall…

How to Get Ready for Your Next Audit

What are the proactive steps you can take to become audit ready before Day 1? Don’t miss our 8 tips to help your next audit go smoother.
By Kyle Hinger, Senior Audit Manager Let’s face it, no one looks forward to the auditing process. It is much more fun to go play golf or take care of everyday business…

Leadership from the Accounting Department

How can in-house accountants be effective leaders? Find out the four components from Trina!
By Trina Painter Audit Shareholder, Weinstein Spira Accounting departments play a unique, business-critical role within organizations. An accounting department that works…