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Double Your Fun: Advantages of an Accounting Rotation Program

What’s the right choice for you: tax or audit? In today’s blog post, learn about the advantages of an accounting internship rotation program to start your career on the right foot.
By Joshua Sult, Tax Accountant Fresh out of college with an accounting degree, armed with an internship and having landed an entry-level job just months ago (both with…

What’s in My Audit Bag?

Whitney considers a well-organized, well-thought-out audit bag to be a virtual lifeline while in the field. What's inside her bag? Let's find out!
By Whitney Land, Audit Supervisor After six years of working as an auditor, surviving just as many busy auditing seasons, I have learned how to work in a whole different world…

Audit vs. Tax – The Accounting Major’s Major Decision

Audit or tax? That's the big question, right? Let Ben help you weigh the pros and cons of each side of the house.
Written by Ben Cotlar, CPA, Audit Senior It’s a cliché; I admit that. “I was in your spot just a couple years ago.” Yes, I was a college student who had determined that…