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What’s in My Audit Bag?

Whitney considers a well-organized, well-thought-out audit bag to be a virtual lifeline while in the field. What's inside her bag? Let's find out!
By Whitney Land, Audit Supervisor After six years of working as an auditor, surviving just as many busy auditing seasons, I have learned how to work in a whole different world…

Kyle Hinger Joins Weinstein Spira as Senior Audit Manager

We are eager to welcome back Kyle Hinger as a senior audit manager! Learn more about his journey here.
Weinstein Spira, the mid-market public accounting firm for Houston’s top high net worth individuals and privately held businesses, is pleased to announce that Kyle Hinger has…

Near-term Trends in the Auditing Profession

The auditing profession is facing emerging trends in technology and changing attitudes of people causing us to re-examine and re-invent the role of auditors and how we do our job.
By Brian Franklin Shareholder, Head of Assurance Independent, third-party audits have long been viewed as a necessary component of doing business. It’s something that generally…