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Common Misconceptions About Accountants

Still think accountants wear green visors? Think again! Lisa is here to clear up several misconceptions about accountants in our new post.
By Lisa Walther When most people hear the word ‘accountant,’ their vision is clouded by a set of preconceived notions based on old-school misconceptions about the profession.…

Essential Tax Considerations Before Acquiring a Target Company

What questions need to be answered before finalizing an acquisition? John is providing you with a list of considerations ahead of completing the deal.
By John Toth It’s best to take a proactive approach at the front end when planning to acquire a target company. Any acquisition is an event that requires careful consideration…

What I Wish I Knew About Accounting in College

What are your job options in the field of accounting? Erica Diaz helps you chart your career with the pros and cons of the Big 4 firms, mid-market accounting firms and industry accounting jobs.
By Erica Diaz One of my favorite work responsibilities is visiting college campuses, like Texas A&M, to recruit new grads to work at Weinstein Spira. I often present a slide…