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Your estate represents hard work, sacrifices, successes and wealth you have earned and accumulated over a lifetime, and it needs safe keeping. We are here to help.  

Check out our latest articles below on ways to protect your estate and your legacy. 

Estate Planning During the COVID-19 Era

When is the last time you reviewed your estate documents? Join our estate planning expert, Amy, as she walks you through the important parts of any estate plan and what to consider during 2020.

Estate Planning Tips for High Net Worth Singles

High net worth singles need to be actively and creatively thinking about their line of succession and how their estate will be handled. Don’t go at it alone! Pick up a few tips from Amy in this post.

Video: Executor Responsibilities

Being an executor of an estate is an honor but also a big responsibility. Are you up to it? Amy is letting you know your responsibilities as a loved one’s estate executor.

Maximizing Your Retirement Dollars

How can you maximize your retirement dollars? Karl is sharing six ways to assess your numbers to ensure proper management of your nest egg.

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