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Just because your employee benefit plan has an audit requirement, it doesn't mean that your audit has to be cumbersome or time consuming. We are here to help.  

Check out our latest articles below on ways to help your next employee benefit plan audit go smoothly.

Retirement Plans and the New SECURE 2.0 Act

After months of discussion, Congress has officially passed the SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022. The SECURE 2.0 Act aims to make it easier for Americans to save while also encourages small businesses to adopt retirement plans. Denise Woods summarizes everything you need to know about the act as well as the key provisions that will affect retirement plans.

9 Creative Ways to Increase Retirement Plan Participation

How can you provide information and gain trust to increase retirement plan participation? Check out Denise’s top ideas to grow employee enrollment.

5 Common Myths About Employee Benefit Plan Audits

“If you treat the EBP auditors nice, they will never want to leave.” This and other myths cleared up by employee benefit plan audit guru, Denise Woods.

401(k) Plans According to Millennials

Our team wanted to get millennials’ take on their 401(k) plans. We asked them questions around their company’s policies and how they are saving for retirement.

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