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You may have a lot of questions when starting your career in public accounting. Audit or tax? How do you land an interview? So many questions! We are here to help.

Check out our latest articles below on ways to further your accounting career.

The Importance of Being Involved in a Professional Organization

Is a professional organization worth your time? Katie, our marketing manager, shares her experience and how to get involved with the right group for you.

Impact of COVID-19 on Accounting Firm Recruiting and Internships

What’s different now in public accounting recruiting and internships? Our HR expert, Elizabeth, shares how the pandemic has shifted our industry.

Why I Chose a Career in Public Accounting

Deciding if a career in public accounting is right for you? Ryan is sharing why he chose his career path and how he got here.

How to Find the Right Mentor in College

Unsure of how to find the right mentor in college? Kelsey shares her best advice on mentorship here. Check it out!

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