Benefits of Hosting a Business Open House

Oct 18, 2022

By Jennifer Leggett

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Many companies invest a substantial amount of time and money in their office space to make it welcoming, comfortable and productive for both employees and clients. Ideally, a corporate office is a place where employees can work and relax, where clients can interact with you directly and where teams can collaborate and connect.  Furthermore, the office space provides a physical representation of your firm’s brand— an immediate way for clients, employees and visitors to experience your firm’s values and persona. 

Since Covid-19, firms are having to be more intentional with inviting candidates and clients into their space.  One of the many ways Weinstein Spira welcomes people is by hosting an open house event every Fall. An open house gives potential clients, partners and prospective hires the opportunity to learn about your business, brand and opportunities in a fun and interactive setting.

Casual and Fun Environment

Individual meetings can feel intimidating, whereas group social situations ease tension. An open house provides an opportunity to meet the team informally.  This type of setting is usually casual enough to feel inviting to people who are on the fence about attending or are unsure about what to expect. For a firm like Weinstein Spira, which actively recruits college students, most of these students have never been exposed to a corporate environment or even stepped foot in an office. Therefore, the option to meet in a relaxing and easy-going environment can be much more appealing. 

Showcase your Space

An open house is the perfect opportunity to showcase your office space on your own terms. You have ample time to prepare, more control over what visitors see and you get to showcase your space at its best.  Additionally, the lively and casual atmosphere of an open house can make an even better impression than a visit to the office on a typical workday, where the environment can be busier and more robust

Bigger Bang for your Buck

Reduce marketing costs and reap the benefits of a one-day event! An open house is a strategic opportunity for your business to showcase its services to a large and targeted group of people all at once. A well-executed open house can increase your firm’s visibility by bringing potential candidates right to your office, introducing your organization to many potential candidates and clients. 

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Re-recruit your Own Employees

The Great Resignation has underscored the scarcity of talent available to organizations. Employees have more choices than ever when it comes to where and how they work, so having them remember why they chose you in the first place is crucial for retaining them. Utilizing employees at your open house could be your best asset – selling prospective new hires and clients on the many reasons why your firm is great can spark a renewed sense of connection to their work and the organization. When employees truly understand the culture and inner workings of an organization, they are more invested in the overall relationship.

A well-executed open house can be a great marketing strategy and networking opportunity. Open houses have big advantages over formal office visits; a relaxed interactive environment, a showcase of your workspace, a minimal cost and an opportunity to re-recruit your own employees.  When it comes to return on investment, nothing beats an all-in-one event that brings your target audience right to your doorstep while also re-energizing and engaging your team!

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