Day in the Life of an Audit Supervisor

Dec 18, 2019

By Mark Moon


As anyone in the accounting profession knows, daily activities vary, and ebb and flow fluctuate based on the season. For field auditors, there is further variation depending on the client site. In this blog post I will show you how my day “typically” unfolds from morning to night.

An Auditor’s Morning Routine

I’m a big snoozer, so I hit the snooze alarm two to three times which really drives my wife crazy! Once I get up, I start making “Mickey Mouse” waffles for my little girl and help her get dressed for school. Then, it’s my turn to get ready. If I run out of time to eat breakfast, I keep a box of cereal in the car for munching on the way to work. Sometimes I even stop to pick up my favorite chocolate donuts if I am running ahead of schedule.

When I get to my desk at the current client site, I put my area together with things I tote back and forth (such as my laptop and second monitor). Next, I check my email to see what’s new, look at my calendar for the day, check my to-do list and pull up my client’s audit work papers. From there, I’m ready to put on the supervisor hat and create a task list for my audit staff, and hold a quick team meeting to discuss how the day should go. Depending on the phase of the audit, I might meet with the client and ask for any outstanding items that are needed to move the job forward. I also make myself available to answer client questions pertaining to their audit deliverables. Mid-morning is my most energized and productive time of the day.

Lunchtime in Houston

Being in audit, you get to work all over the Greater Houston area. This gives me a chance to try new things in different parts of town since Houston is notorious for having a wide array of food options. To help me decide, I hop on Yelp to see what’s around and read reviews. Often, I end up taking my staff along to enjoy these venues and get away from the office for a well-deserved break.

Financial Statement Flow

As the day progresses, financial statements become my focus. Everything comes together and I get to see the end product of all our audit work. It’s very rewarding to review results after many eyes and hands have touched the financials, at which time my job is to get the statements drafted and into the formatting/proofing stage. Then, I send a “clean” copy over to a Weinstein Spira manager/shareholder for their review and comments. It comes back for my last look and revisions in preparation for submitting it to the client.

I also like to make time for mentoring my team during the day, in the form of constant feedback during work or in individual coaching sessions. Weinstein Spira has a great mentorship program that has helped me to further my career goals. I love giving that back to my team, as well.

I really enjoy the time spent at a client site and working with my audit staff, as well as the client’s audit team. I especially look forward to the days I interact with other managers and shareholders of Weinstein Spira.

The Hard Work Is Worth It

As a family guy, the best part of my day is coming home to our 4-year-old daughter and hearing about her day at school. It amazes me how she is developing and making new connections in her brain every moment. We often play outside while my wife tends to the Bar-B-Q, as she is the pro at smoking meat. After dinner, we start the bedtime routine which includes reading a book of my daughter’s choice. Then, it’s time for me to relax and have a quiet dinner with my wife on the patio. Often, the meal is topped off with smoked cheese cake, peanut butter banana pie or apple pie that I make from scratch (crust and all).

Before turning in for the night, I watch my share of YouTube videos, tapping into my interest in cars. I have been a car fan since childhood. In high school, I once saw an Acura TL and told myself that one day I would own that car…and now I do! It goes to show that hard work can make dreams can come true.

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