Putting Individuals First

Feb 08, 2017

In case you missed it in our last blog post, Weinstein Spira was recently named one of the Houston Chronicle’s Top Workplaces-  the fourth year in a row! As one of Houston’s top accounting firms for the mid-market, our investment in building solid relationships, both internally and with clients, allows us to thrive. A cornerstone of those relationships is how our managers and shareholders care for their fellow team members.  Here’s what we’ve heard: 

“I like it because it’s a family atmosphere. I truly feel like the shareholders care about us as individuals. They obviously care about our work, but also care about us as people…what they can do to help us; they give us the flexibility we need.” - Amy Sbrusch, Tax Manager


Flexibility and work-life balance.

Working mother, Heather Lee, is able to get home by 3:00 pm each day in order to help with her kids’ homework and attend baseball practice. As long as her responsibilities are taken care of, Heather has never felt like it was frowned upon when she’s needed to take care of her life at home.   With this level of flexibility, it’s no wonder that 50 percent of our shareholders are female, most of them with beautiful families who support them in their careers. As working parents, we know every minute counts so when team members have the ability to take their children to school in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon, it matters. Having a thriving career and a flourishing life outside of the office is totally feasible at Weinstein Spira. This is not only showcased through senior leadership but is encouraged across every level of the firm.

Staff members are valued as people.

Amy Sbrusch had a medical crisis with a loved one. She knew she was going to need some serious time off of work.  The shareholders instructed her to take care of her family first, emphasizing the value of family and assured her that her work and her team would be there for her when she got back.  Her fellow managers stepped in to cover her while she was gone.  Her staff checked in on her on a daily basis and offered help along the way. Weinstein Spira understands the homage “life happens” and feels a responsibility to care for and support our extraordinary team members.

Weinstein Spira Putting Individuals First



Events such as marketing competitions, Impact Days, Fun Brigade and our annual Spring outing promote the kind of relationships we care about building with one another inside the firm.  We take team building to the next level and welcome any opportunity for our employees to interact with each other across all levels of the company; here “rank” or title go by the wayside. This openness allows individuals to feel comfortable with fellow co-workers in both a personal and professional setting. 

Founded in 1962, Weinstein Spira is a highly respected firm of experienced tax, audit, business management and estate planning advisors who proactively serve discerning, privately-held businesses and leaders in the Houston area and beyond. More information about the firm, including exciting career opportunities to join our amazing team, can be found at www.weinsteinspira.com


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