For the Love of the Firm

Jan 11, 2017

What happens when a dedicated, passionate staff feels empowered and genuinely cared for? Look no further than us, as Weinstein Spira was recently named one of the Houston Chronicle’s Top Workplaces…for the fourth year in a row! Nomination for the annual award required an employee survey focused in large part on the following areas:  

» Alignment - where the company is headed, its values, cooperation

» Effectiveness - doing things well, sharing different viewpoints, encouraging new ideas

» Connection - employees feel appreciated, their work is meaningful

» My Manager - cares about concerns, helps learn and grow

Source: Houston Chronicle

As one of Houston’s top accounting firms for the mid-market, our passion for relationship building, both internally and with clients, allows us to thrive. We’ll be highlighting aspects of our firm culture and work environment so you can see for yourself just why our team members have such amazing things to say about Weinstein Spira and why we’ve continued to be named a Top Workplace by one of Houston’s leading publications, the Houston Chronicle.

We asked our team members to tell us what they love most about working on our passionate and dedicated team of tax (31 team members strong!) and audit (27 team members strong!) and support staff (another 12 dynamic team members!). Each month, you’ll get a closer look at what makes Weinstein Spira so special – our group – from the team members themselves. You’ll see that their reasons range from those listed below, to the impact we make on the larger community, and more.


Weinstein Spira Top Workplace 2016.jpg 

Our entire firm (70 team members and growing) is connected by and passionate about the following pieces of the larger Weinstein Spira culture: 

Flexible Arrangements.

If you need an accommodation, whether it’s for a day, multiple days or, even, months, management and shareholders will do their best to work with you on your schedule and project management to accommodate your needs.

Reasonable Expectations.

We aren’t a firm that requires accountants to work 60 hours a week, even during busy season. Our goal is to not have you in the office at midnight…ever.


 I had never worked in an environment that was so open, fun and flexible. The relationships I’ve formed with my fellow team members were built over many years but started right away with WS’s open door policy. I was able to grow professionally and learn from some very bright people by listening to what our employees have to say.” - John Toth, Tax Shareholder 


Overtime Pay/Time-Bank System.

Any hours worked over 40 per week are put into your time bank. You can either cash out your bank based on the straight time or you can use it in addition to your standard paid time off (or a combination of both methods). This means more vacation days when you want or need them most. Cha-ching! 

Family-Like Atmosphere.

Whether it’s through our family-like atmosphere or the empowerment the leadership team inspires within all team members, the firm truly cares about the professional and personal success of our team.


 “If you think about the word comfortable, you think about going into work and being a part of a culture with a comfort that doesn’t compare to other places I’ve worked. From the leadership all the way down, there’s an openness and ability to interact with anyone and everyone.” – Heather Lee, Tax Senior


Be sure to keep reading our monthly blog series for an inside look behind our passionate team of tax and audit professionals and the things that they love most about being a part of the Weinstein Spira family.


Founded in 1962, Weinstein Spira is a highly respected firm of experienced tax, audit, business management and estate planning advisors who proactively serve discerning, privately-held businesses and leaders in the Houston area and beyond. More information about the firm, including exciting career opportunities to join our amazing team, can be found at

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